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Hi, my name is Nicky and I speak about embracing who you are today, so you can become the person you want to be tomorrow.

In a world where we are bombarded by judgment, it has become increasingly difficult to just be ourselves.  We face judgment everywhere…In our workplaces, our schools, our friend circles and online.  We can't escape it, but we can choose to rise above it.  We can learn to embrace what makes us unique.  We can learn to respond without carrying it with us.


I share my story of walking away from a successful, 2-decade executive career to figure out who the hell I was.  I've made it my mission to inspire the world to embrace what makes you unique and watch the opportunities open up for you!  

My first book, No Apology Needed: The Career Transforming Power of Authenticity For Women Leaders was an Amazon Best New Release in 2021.  

After hearing me speak your audience will…

  1. Be empowered to more fully express themselves and their full potential.

  2. Be inspired to make changes that will move them forward.

I’ve been speaking in front of audiences my entire adult life.  I’m comfortable with large audiences both in person and virtually.  My speaking style is authentic and relatable.

I share vulnerable experiences with a mix of humor.

Your audience will laugh.

They may cry.

They will definitely be inspired.

Are you looking for a powerful woman speaker at your next event?  Let's talk!

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