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Nicky Espinosa

Speaker | Author | Coach

Leadership is hard. 

The trick is to not let it get to you.

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The leaders the world needs right now are stuck in middle management, burned out, and ready to give up.

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I help these leaders get back to changing the world!

It's All About Alignment.  

Aligning your leadership is about connecting to your work in a more meaningful way.   When you do, you start to see yourself and the world differently.  Empowered in our authenticity we can achieve great things.  


At Aligned Leaders we help you tap into your inner strength, authenticity and passion so you can achieve the success you dream of without sacrificing who you are. 

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Empowering Leaders to THRIVE


Hi, I'm Nicky!  I've been a human resources leader for over 25 years.  A few years ago, burnout forced me to reassess everything in my life.  I was a successful healthcare executive at the time, but most days it felt like I was just going through the motions. I still had big dreams, but I was exhausted.  

For three full years I journeyed down the rabbit hole of personal growth and healing.  I hired coaches. I took classes. I meditated with gurus.  I sobbed with spiritual teachers.  I examined my traumas and faced my demons. What I learned changed the way I think about professional development. 

It’s not enough to build superior leadership skills. 

It's the inner work that helps us effectively implement those skills!  


In thirty years coaching leaders there's one thing I know for sure... You can have exceptional knowledge and skills and still struggle in leadership.  Leadership is complicated.  It's not enough to know WHAT to do.  You have to know HOW to make it work for you in a meaningful, authentic, and sustainable way.

Achieve Greater Success Without Sacrificing Who You Are

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When Leaders Align...

They know who they are and what they want.

They are positive and focused on progress not perfection.

They are open and accepting, decisive and introspective.

They are courageous visionaries.

They are calm under pressure and inspire confidence.

They hold powerful boundaries and set clear expectations.

They trust themselves even when the path isn’t clear.

Are You Ready To ALIGN?

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