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Executive Coaching

I help corporate executives have a bigger impact with less stress and fewer regrets…. so you can create the success you dream of without sacrificing what’s important to you.

I've been in your shoes and I know how lonely it can be!  Everyone around you has their own agenda.  It’s difficult to know whom you can trust and with what information.  You face tremendous pressure and tough critics.  Your every move is under a microscope. 


You can’t talk to your team about everything you're thinking and feeling.  Your loved ones don’t understand your job. And deep down you are telling yourself that you should be able to figure it out on your own. So you read all the leadership gurus. You sign up for that webinar that you’ll never have time to watch. You squeeze in a podcast during your workout.


It’s helpful, but it’s not fixing the bigger problem that no one wants to talk about, but we all experience.


You're uninspired!

You are working harder than ever, with less progress.  You’re working your ass off for “good enough”.   You feel defeated.  You are exhausted, burned out, and uninspired.  You are resentful about missing out on what’s important to you and left wondering if it’s worth it.  


Your go-to approaches aren't working anymore.

You are used to working hard to be successful, but at some point working harder stops working.  You reach a threshold of diminishing returns.  This has you second guessing yourself.  You're not as confident as you want to be, but you can' t talk about it.  In your role, you can't show the wobble.  


You're not ready to settle.

You aren’t ready to give up your dreams.  You have more good work you want to do.  You still have 10-20 years left to work.  There’s still time, but you need to put some fuel in your tank.


My work is for big hearted, purpose-driven high achiever who want to have it all...Success, impact, joy and fulfillment.


I'm the BADASS Coach because...

I Don't Do Surface Level b.s.

I'm known for cutting through the noise, and easing down barriers, to help you get results fast.  While other coaches are giving you assessments and homework, I'm digging into the real stuff that actually moves the needle.

My Straight Talk is Legendary

I'm known for telling you what you need to hear, in a manner that you can hear it.  You'll begin to understand yourself better than ever before so you can step further into your authority. 

Extensive Experience

I've been where you are. I’ve worked in several c-level roles (CHRO, COO, CIO).  My entire career I've had an organization wide view of leadership. My mentorship is not just my experience,  but the collective experience of hundreds of leaders I've advised over two decades. 

Big Results / Life Changing Shifts That Go Way Beyond Work

Because we go deeper, this is far more than building leadership skills.  This is personal and professional development that changes the way you do everything.  My coaching has saved careers and marriages.  ๐Ÿ˜‰


I know, I know...

You've had a coach before.  It wasn't great.  Maybe even one of those coaches from your HR department's bench.  You know the one you couldn't be completely honest with for fear it would get into the wrong hands?  You don't want to do that again.

This is nothing like the executive coaching you've had before.  I'm known for cutting to the chase for big results, quickly.  the kind of results that make you look like a rock star!  My work is customized to ensure you get the support, advice and tools you need to solve even the biggest problems.  You know those ones that have been keeping you up at night?  You'll sleep like a baby.


You might even be thinking that you should be able to figure this out by yourself.  After all...they did hire you to run the team, they expect you should know how to do that, right?!

There's no easy way to say this.  So I'm going with my signature 'let me hit you with it!'  This is all about your EGO.  Nobody leads alone.  And if you try to go it alone...You will fail.  They hired you to lead this team to new heights.  Are you pulling out all the stops?

Coaching is an art and Nicky has mastered it.


The best executive coach I've worked with in 20 years!


There are but a handful of people that have made a truly profound impact on my life. I can honestly say Nicky tops my list!


This is the best investment in myself that I have ever made!


About Me


A few years ago I had a wake up call.  I had everything I thought I wanted.  My life looked great on paper. I had built a successful executive career. My husband and I had just celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary. We had two beautiful children. Nice house. Vacations. Blah, blah, blah, blah.


I was living what I now call my “Good Enough” life.  You know… the one that made my parents proud and the neighbors jealous, but I was wondering if this is all there is.  I had climbed the ladder, but I wasn’t having fun anymore.  I was stressed and overworked. I was irritated at the littlest things. There was this nagging devil in my shoulder constantly whispering…You’re not smart enough.  You’re not good enough.  You’re not doing enough.  WORK HARDER!  It was a lot of pressure.


Personally, I was unhealthy.  I was drinking too much. My marriage was rocky (though I didn’t see how bad it was until later). I wasn’t the parent that I wanted to be.  This was NOT my best life.  This was "good enough". 


Until we had a crisis in our family and nearly lost our son, who was 17 at the time.  There is nothing quite like a crisis to snap back perspective. I made a decision that day. Good enough wasn’t going to be good enough anymore.


But I soon discovered a new problem. There wasn’t anyone to show me how to do that. My therapist couldn’t help me with my career.  She didn’t know anything about being an executive. The executive coaches I knew were all too surface level.  That wasn’t helpful. It took me a few years to figure out what works for high-achievers like myself.  Maybe you can relate?  


We are a special breed of badass. We crave meaningful contribution. We need to feel the impact of our work. But we also want the fulfillment that comes from a life well lived. We want deeper connections with people. We want our time to matter. We want to make the most of it. We don’t want regrets!


This is why I work with executives. Because, here's what I know about you...If you're not loving your work. If you're frustrated and stressed. It’s not because you don't have the leadership skills you need.  You're not inspired anymore. 


Inspiration fuels us and my tank was empty. I needed to get that back. That meant I was going to have to get brutally honest with myself. That’s some serious business.  I don’t have any time for that surface level bs that most coaches throw at you.  If you want that inspiration back, you have to get honest with yourself about where it went.  


Is it hard? - yep. Does it require you to be vulnerable?  You bet your ass it does! But it will change your life. It will let you live all in, instead of “good enough”.  My life changed forever.  It didn’t happen overnight. I had to trudge through trial and error to figure this out. But here I am, living my best life.  I have built a business I love. I get to work with amazing people. I fixed my marriage.  (We are celebrating 27 years next month and we are closer than ever!) We moved to our dream home. The kids are doing amazing!  


Life is tremendously good when you get brutally honest with yourself. But you have to take that step. And the truth is…it's a lot easier with help. This is why I do this work. So leaders like you don’t have to settle for “good enough”. And you don’t have to spend years of your own trial and error to figure it out.  (Let’s be real…You haven’t got that kind of time.)  You get to be wildly successful AND happy.  (Go figure!)

Past Clients

Modern Office


Tech Start-up

Company is now worth $11 Billion.




Night Shift at Office


Healthcare Technology

Overseeing a $50 Million technology support operation.



Canary Wharf London

CEO & Team


During $675 Million banking aquisition  




Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Physician Leaders


Advised a collaboration between clinician inventors and commercialization partners.

Organizing Test Tubes



$1 Billion Healthcare Diagnostics organization



Children in Indoor Playground



$29 Million National Not-for-profit organization.




My Promise

To help you have it all…Success, impact, joy and fulfillment.

To help you create your Unshakeable vision that will rekindle your ambition so you will be energized and inspired again. 

To help you Simplify your approaches to create more ease/flow in your life.

To teach you how to Leverage Your Mindset so that instead of working harder you can work smarter, happier and healthier!

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My Signature Program

Private 1-on-1 Mentorship

Customized Coaching

We Work Together for 6 Months

Unlimited Sessions

Private Chat Support Between Sessions

Packages starting at $10K


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