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Nicky Espinosa

Inspirational Leadership Speaker

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Nicky was the highlight of the retreat!

- Event Organizer

My Signature Talk:

The Leader Within

Powerful Growth Strategies to Help Leaders Thrive

I share my story of burnout at the height of a successful executive career.   Five years ago I was a successful healthcare executive, but most days it felt like I was just going through the motions.  I still had big professional goals, but I was too stuck to see how to make it all work.


For three years I journeyed down the rabbit hole of personal growth and healing.  I hired coaches. I took classes. I meditated with gurus.  I sobbed with spiritual teachers.  I examined my traumas and faced my demons. What I learned changed the way I think about leadership development. 

Most leadership development programs are missing a critical element: The inner work. 


Without the inner work it can feel like you're doing everything right and nothing is working.  Everything feels harder than it should.  The inner work helps leaders use their leadership skills more effectively.

During my talk I will teach powerful growth strategies to help leaders THRIVE.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn personal growth strategies that they can start using right away.

  2. Be empowered to take control of their personal and professional development.

  3. Be inspired to adopt a growth mindset for life.


From The Audience


"Exactly what I needed!"


It was like she was talking directly to me.

Nicky was the highlight of the retreat!

The most quotable speaker I've heard!

Her words just hit home to me!

Speaker Bio:

Nicky Espinosa is a human resources executive, a leadership coach, a best-selling author and passionate advocate for holistic leadership development.  She shares her story of overcoming burnout, depression and addiction to find purpose and joy again.  She teaches powerful growth strategies to help leaders thrive.  Sit back and enjoy her signature mix of wisdom and humor as she inspires us to lead with JOY!  


US Airport Hub:  Minneapolis, MN (MSP)

Speaker Fees:  Start at $3K

Talk Options:  Keynote, Small Group, Workshops

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